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asically, the university library is not as hostile as it looks. On the contrary. One of the first steps is to get to know the places. Locate the shelves that might interest you, the reading areas, why not try this out, wander the alleys a bit like in the CDI high school. In case of difficulties, do not hesitate to ask the librarians for help. “Ask the staff at the information stations, even if you feel that you are busy. We are here for that!” Says Nadine Batude, head of training at the library of Nanterre-Paris 10. Moreover, since 1997, methodology courses often organized as part of TD, especially in the first year. They can be about taking notes, making a bibliography, or … how the library works. Take these “library courses” seriously because, says Ms. Batude, “even though these courses may seem boring, they will facilitate your university life.”

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